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Thursday, 28 June 2018

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Drivers with blurred number plates will be arrested and prosecuted in Saudi Arabia

In Jeddah city of Saudi-Arabia, it is very common to observe cars with faded number plates. Sometimes cars hold empty number plates. Now it has become very common to see cars running on roads of Jeddah with blurred or messed number plates. There are different views on this, some people think that the person possibly is trying to avoid or ignore traffic charges. Although there are lots of thoughts which vary from person to person but the main viewpoint, goal or we can say the reason is that cars with empty and faded numbers plate are usually associated with committing a crime or having a desire to do crimes in future including robberies. Recommended: Procedure to Change Vehicle Number Plate in Saudi Arabia

In order to note down unrecognized, blurred, numberless cars to stop people from using such cars, stop from violating traffic rules and to stop crimes, robberies and traffic issues, the traffic control department of Jeddah has taken certain important steps. General Directorate of Traffic and spokesperson, Lt. Col. Tariq Al-Rubaian formulated detail about steps to be taken by the traffic control department for the betterment of traffic society. Lt. Col. Tariq Al-Rubaian stated that the police will arrest any person who smashes, violates or breaks traffic rules by using unauthorized, empty or blurred number plates. Police also have to check whether the concerned person owes payment of charges or already needs to pay any fines. Police traffic cops also must clear the concerned car of any robbery or other crime committed by using that car. Use of damaged plates must be punishable, by imposing fine or double charge which is actually considered partially traffic and partially criminal. Recommended: SR 2,000 Fine for Hiding Number Plate from Saher Cameras

In different police centers in the city, traffic Police need to check the car which is caught and also investigate what violations are registered against a concerned car. General Directorate of Traffic also added that the traffic control department will also seek data from the Electric monitoring system that clearly illuminates about which cars hold illegal plates, no plates or committed any violations. Whether the car driver has to pay fine and the fine is transferred to the owner of the vehicle will also be checked.  Electronic monitoring system helps to do differentiate between legal & illegal plates.

Drifting of a car must be strictly noticed and punishment will be imposed on the driver. All these modifications are pending because of some technical issues which include re-installation of the new fine system at the national information center. Any person who committed any crime including false, blurred number plates, violate traffic rules or drifting car will get serious punishment.

Every person will be arrested for drifting and will have to face different sentence, depending on his previous records and also with the current existence of driving license. The punishment conditions of drifting are different. The person who uses his own car for drifting will get different punishment and the person who will rent his car for the drifting purpose will have different punishment.

Source: Arab News

Youth violence turns the wedding into a Murder Scene in Abha, Saudi Arabia

The wedding is considered to be a day of joy, happiness, and celebrations. Every country has its own traditions and styles of wedding. Saudi weddings also have its own fascinating colors, delighting charm, and their weddings are famous for their old traditions, culture, and history. The wedding is the most important part of one’s life which is considered to be a vital occasion of life and people usually wants to celebrate this great event with joy and colors. But sometimes this memorable life event changes into a dreadful event or is associated with some bad incident or memory, which leaves a great impact on some people and over their entire life.

A few days ago, there was a Saudi wedding taking place at Abha, the city of Saudi Arabia. Abha is the capital of province "Asir". It is situated around 2,200 meters above sea level. The whole sketch of the dreadful wedding was reported in Saudi daily newspaper called Okaz. The wedding was going on as usual and in a traditional way at a place called Khamis Mushayt. Unfortunately, there was a public dispute that eventually broke out and spoiled the whole wedding joy.  Because of this public feud in wedding, one Saudi man was dead and one was seriously injured. The whole accident was actually a question mark on the aggressive behavior of young generation, which is increasing rapidly in our society day by day.

The police spokesman of province Asir, Capt. Zaid Al-Qahtani reported the whole story that a group of youngsters started playing traditional folklore music in loud volume and was also performing their traditional dance called as Al-Quzoui. One of the people from the guests invited to wedding got up and went straight to the crowd of young men and told them gently to switch off the music as it was a source of disturbance in the wedding ceremony. As one young man from the group did not feel good with the person’s suggestion, he became annoyed and got much angry.

He immediately went mad and showed his aggressive behavior by taking out a dagger from one of the guests present at the wedding. The young guy stabbed the man multiple times by the dragger. The son, who was trying to protect his father, also became a victim and got stabbed several times as well. The Police officers reached the scene and arrested the murderer and the case was passed to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution. Other young men from the group were under the police custody for further investigations.

One of the eyewitnesses from the wedding, Ali Mubarak told that he witnessed the entire accident in the wedding. People in the wedding were having dinner when a group of young men started playing music loudly. The victim stood up and told them softly to turn off the music when the young man took the dagger from the other guest and stabbed him. The man was taken to the hospital but he died on the way. His son was seriously injured and taken to intensive care.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Monday, 24 October 2016

List of 49 people mentioned by name in the Holy Quran

Today, we have decided to educate readers about a topic which is not generally known to everyone. Do you know that there are 49 names of people mentioned in the Holy Quran? It includes 25 Prophets, 3 probable prophets, 13 non-prophets and 8 angels. There is only one woman whose name is mentioned in the Holy Quran. I think it is important for each and every Muslims at least to know about these facts. Allah awarded almost all his prophets with miracles and the biggest miracle which was awarded to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W is the Holy Quran.

Names of 25 Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran
Isa (Jesus)
Musa (Moses)


Names of 3 Probable Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran
  • Dhul-Qarnayn
  • Luqman
  • Uzayr

13 Non-Prophet Names mentioned in the Holy Quran
  • Azar
  • Aziz
  • Al-Samiri
  • Abu Lahab
  • Fir'aun
  • Haman
  • Imran
  • Jalut
  • Maryam/Mary mother of Isa (only woman mentioned by name in the Qur'an)
  • Qarun
  • Talut
  • Iblis also 'Shaytan' or the Satan
  • Zayd ibn Harithah

8 Names of Angels mentioned in the Holy Quran
  • Jibrael
  • Mikael
  • Harut
  • Marut
  • Maalik
  • Malak Ul-Maut also known as Angel Izrael
  • Kiraman Katibin
  • Muqarrabun

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A Stepmother slaughters her step-daughter in Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia

A wife’s duty is to take care of her husband and everything associated with him, be it his family or kids from another wedding. This is regarded as among the good behaviors in society. The lady and her husband's kids from another marriage should absolutely show benevolence and admiration to each other, as she is their step-mother and they are her step-children. If a lady is marrying an already married man, this should be decided initially that either she is going to accept the children or they are given to their biological mother to avoid incidents in future.

In Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Area, the police reported an incident that a little girl of about age 6 was killed by her stepmother after she was picked up from school. The six-year-old girl named Reem Al-Rashidi was with her class fellows at the school in Al Ahsa and attended the first two periods of the institute on Monday. However, her stepmother reached to the school and requested them to take her home. To prove her identity she showed the family ID card. Under Saudi rules for schools, a student is given consent to take off from the school and sent back to the parents if the guardian shows a family National card to the administration, proving that the kid is theirs.

On Wednesday, a newspaper stated that the stepmother, the other wife of Reem’s father, fooled the school powers by proving that she was her real mother and was approved the consent to take her out. The stepmother then took Reem to a barren isolated area. She then cut her neck with a sharp knife which she had hidden, slaughtering her on the mark. A witness who saw the horrible murder being attempted ran after the murderer, but she ran away from the area before he could grasp her. However, he recognized the place she hid in and informed the police immediately.

After a short siege, the police entered the house, captured the murderer and took the knife in custody. On social media, Saudis showed their contempt over the incident. One user wrote “How was it workable for the stepmother to investigate her eyes during the unbearable sin. May Divine force give her punishment.” The police after taking the killer in custody said that they received a call at around 9am on Monday from a Saudi resident who narrated the entire incident and gave them the location address.

They hurried to the crime scene and discovered Reem’s dead body lying on a barren land close to the family home. An agent for the police said that the killer was a Saudi lady in her 30s who was captured and referred to the general prosecution for examination. No doubt this news gave me goosebumps as to how a lady could just kill a little girl brutally who did nothing to her. The Saudi government is looking into the case and will surely give justice to that poor soul.

Source: Gulf News

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Saudi man earns SR 5,700 per day disguised as woman

The story began in Dammam, about 10 years ago when a Saudi guy in his 30s could not find a good job however he had even finished his training at a vocational guidance school. It was about one and a half year after his graduation that he had no luck in jobs. Then one day, after a mishap he thought of an idea to earn money easily. This was when he saw a beggar sitting outside a general store. On the spot, he concluded to take this as a profession and start begging. He recognized that within a couple of minutes the beggar made a good amount of money and said to himself that this was a profession worth acknowledging.

The following day, he took copy of electricity bill of a high sum and a fake health report found on the web that showed he was excessively debilitated to work. He selected a place where there weren’t many beggars and began his work. He initially earned SR 450. The man realized that individuals are more merciful towards ladies so he started disguising himself as a woman. On day one as a woman, the man gathered approx. SR 5,700. His cash started to build up and his income doubled and tripled. His bank account had millions of Riyals. He shortly turned into a recognized client in a number of monetary institutions.

He decided to move onto fresh chapter of his life by getting married. He guaranteed that he had acquired a high-paying work in a firm in Jubail Manufacturing City, purchased an expensive brand new car and a comfortable flat. He got married and was blessed with two kids. With passing time, his sense of right and wrong began pricking him. He started feeling guilty of his profession and the fact that his income was illegal made him anxious. He sold his comfortable flat and bought a less posh one. The thought shocked him that his income was earned through dishonest means and at the same time the spirit of scarcity in his life before he became wealthy continued to chase him again. He lost his peace of mind and could not sleep. Another bad thing that happened to him was his spouse, who had absolutely no idea about his profession, unexpectedly asked for a breakup.

He went to a psychiatrist where it was found that he is having intense depression. He started treatment and showed improvement. The only thing which bothered him was the money saved in his bank by begging. Al-Ghamdi said that the man was lost between his wish to get money easily through begging and his understanding that the income he got was against the law and this turned him into a mental case.

He advised the man to continue his treatment and to contribute his income to charity and welfare activities in favor of the needy and homeless so that his inner voice is satisfied “This is the best way to renew his confidence and self-respect,” Al-Ghamdi said.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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