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Saturday, October 26, 2019

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Common Mistakes committed during the performance of Salah

Muslims all over the world pray 5 times a day facing Kabah (qibla). It is a far’d for them. There are certain positions and steps to offer Salah properly which were mentioned by our Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) during his time. Many of us have forgotten the correct way to offer Salah. These mistakes can also be since so many years have passed and alterations are made by people themselves. Here we are mentioning few common mistakes made by us all unintentionally. There several mistakes made which would nullify the prayer. Others do the disliked acts prohibited by Allah, therefore, you should be careful to not commit such violations to preserve your completeness of prayer. May Allah accept our ibadat.

  1. Not standing upright: This usually happens when a person is in a hurry and want to join the raka’ with Imam. They just bow down directly (ruku) after saying Takbeer while the Imam is in Ruku state. This is a wrong way to start the prayer. You need to say Takbeer and stand upright for a moment, with your back straight and then bow down. It is important to mention here that standing straight is one of the Fard of Salah and not performing it invalidates the Salah. Recommended: 6 Fard Acts during Salah omission of which invalidates the Salah
  2. Sometimes people don’t have the tranquility during offering Salah. They just move at the crowd’s speed while standing upright and bowing down to just perform the act. You should not bow down early to follow others and neglect the necessary and required duas to be recited. Failing to maintain tranquility could result in rejection of your Salah and not obeying Allah. It will be like a person who did not pray at all because Prophet Ali A.S said to a man who prayed in this manner which means, “Go and Pray again because you did not Pray.”
  3. Some people say the initial Takbeer while standing alone in a row. Prophet S.A.W said, which means, “The one who prays alone in a row, is not accepted.” However, if you have a legit reason to be not able to find someone to pray with you and you fear to miss the prayer while waiting, then only you can pray alone and your prayer will be correct.
  4. Some people race the Imam, which is completely a sin. If you say “Ameen” before the Imam, you will miss a great reward. Because Allah forgives the previous sins when one says Ameen with the angels and the angels say it after the Imam.
  5. Some people do not recite properly in Salah. They neither move their lips nor tongues while reciting Quran. This is not considered recitation.
  6. Some people bow incorrectly, in a position midway between standing upright and bowing completely. The back and head should be leveled throughout the Rukoo’h.
  7. Some people do not prostrate (sajood) properly for example, with feet off the floor or placing one foot over the other.
  8. Some people place arms on the floor during Sujood resembling a sitting dog. The arms should be away lifted from the body such that the armpits can be seen. This can be ignored if you are praying in a congested place to avoid discomforting others.
  9. Leaning against the wall or a pillar during standing in a prayer such that if the pillar is removed, they would collapse on the floor is not correct. This means you are not standing upright.
  10. Not placing nose tightly on the ground during sujood is a mistake as well.
  11. Inattentive during the prayer and not aware of what was recited because you were thinking something else is incorrect. Wandering eyes here and there while in Salah is a mistake.

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A Saudi Company (Taiba Gold) produces 33 KG Gold Set – World’s Heaviest

Hard work, creativity and motivation are the key components of success. Those make a mark in this world, do something different.  People around the globe are innovative and creative. There is an urge of creating something new and different. People are coming up with things that were never been thought of. Every day new records are being set. For instance, we have world records of the largest shoe, longest dress, fastest car and much more. It seems like the world is in wake of setting new records. In this race, the Saudi Arabia also made its mark when Saudi gold and jewels company, Taiba, created the world’s heaviest gold set.  The beautifully designed set is a proof of great art and perfection.

People around the world were amazed by the magnificent set weighing 33 kilograms.  The set is worth six million Saudi Riyals contains a necklace, a bangle, a ring and a pair of earrings. This 24-carat gold set was not made in a day or two; rather it required 100 professional gold designers working with dedication for about a year to create this masterpiece.  According to the company’s executive general manager, Mr. Essam Al Ashrafi, this creative task was undertaken by the jewelry makers to honor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They wanted to cajole the Kingdom in their own style utilizing their skills and talent.  However, this is not the first time the company had impressed the world and set up a record.

In 2000 Najmat Taiba got the attraction of jewelry makers and jewelry lovers. Najmat Taiba or star of taiba is the world’s heaviest gold ring. The ring is finely created with a delicate design on it. The beautiful creation weighs about 58.686kg and is heavily embedded with about 5.17kg of Swarovski stones.  Not only the Ring got endorsed by the world Gold Council but also holds the Guinness book of world records certificate. Najmat Taiba drew the attention of the world towards itself.

People wanted to see the great symbol of creativity so much so that it was put up on display at 39th Mid-East Watch and Jewellery Show that took place at Expo Centre Sharjah on October 6, 2015. These records are appealing and depict creativity; however, it would have been much better if the nation is motivated to set the record of peace: being able to build a state where there is no poverty, no unemployment, and no crimes.

It’s time to honor the Kingdom by making it the most peaceful place to be lived in. These fancy records help gain fame and attention but we need to focus on our people. We need to make our economy stronger and self-sufficient. These records do endorse creativity and hard work yet we need to be creative in solving the nation’s problems. We need to invest our time, money and dedication to meet the needs of the people, help the poor and make the state stronger. Nevertheless, these ornaments are the two most beautiful assets for Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Less than 6 Hours and more than 9 Hours daily sleep may cause early death

Regularly sleeping for a time of fewer than six hours per day can cause early death, however too much sleep can also lead to several problems, in accordance with a study which claims to have found definite evidence of the potential harm caused to the body due to abnormal sleep patterns. The research conducted by academics from Italy and the United Kingdom had analyzed various data from 16 different studies conducted across Asia, Europe, and the United States in the last 25 years, and managed to cover more than 1.3 million people as well as upwards of 100,000 deaths.

The research had found that over the last 25 years, those individuals who would sleep for a time of fewer than six hours per day would be 12 percent more likely to experience an early or premature death, in comparison to those individuals who would sleep for a time of 6 to 8 hours. The researchers from Italy and the UK concluded that the evidence for the link between sleep hours and premature death was “unequivocal.” This study which had been published in a scientific journal named Sleep had been carried out by a team of academics from the Federico II University Medical School located in Naples and a team from the University of Warwick. The study has also concluded that those people who regularly sleep for a time of more than nine hours per day have a higher chance of dying early.

The act of oversleeping is not in itself seen at a risk, however, it as seen as an indicator of hidden or underlying ailments. Where short sleep periods may be representing the cause of ill health, longer sleeping periods are believed to be representing an indicator or sign of ill health.  This statement was made by the head of the Sleep, Health and Society Program at the University of Warwick, Professor Francesco Cappuccio. The modern society has seen a slow reduction in the average sleep duration periods of the people, and this pattern is more so common amongst the full-time workers, which suggests that the patterns may be due to societal pressures to work for overtime at work or take up more shifts.

However, the deterioration of our health is most commonly accompanied by longer sleeping period durations. The optimal sleeping period duration for your health is between six to eight hours per day. The duration of sleep should be actually regarded as a behavioral risk marker or indicator, which is influenced by the environment and could be possibly fixed or changed.

The study by the teams had also noted that the previous research conducted on the lack of sleep has clearly shown that the lack of sleep is associated with various ailments which include obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Keep your sleep timings in check and there is only one thing which is left to be asked, how long do you sleep for?

Source: The Guardian

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Why nobody dares to go to the House of Lawrence of Arabia in Yanbu?

Yanbu is situated on the West shore of Saudi Arabia and it is amongst the oldest cities in the Kingdom.  T.E. Lawrence is commonly known as “Lawrence of Arabia” was born in Tremadoc, Whales in 1888, and lived in the conventional Arab house in old town Yanbu, on the Red Sea between 1915 and 1916. He called himself a normal guy but lived an amazing life.  When the World War I happened, Turkey was on one side and England and France was on the other. When the Arab Revolt took place, which was led by Prince Faisal against the Turkish Army, Lawrence was promoted to an intelligence representative in Cairo who then helped the Arabs attain military success.

He used his knowledge of Arabic language, interviewed Turkish prisoner and became familiar with the Turkish army locations and strengths which helped him a lot.  The British and the Arab forces were connected because of Laurence living in Yanbu during the Revolt of 1916-1918. Laurence was as a visitor in the Arab globe to help them, but the government that time did not support him in completing his promise and historic mission with innovative Arab army which was started in Yanbu. There are rumors about that house; nobody wants to go there even for one night because there are evil feelings which disturb anyone who tries to go near the house.  Residents of Yanbu said that after Laurence, the house is empty till today and nobody even came there since he left.

Basically, the house has been neglected in recent years; the condition of the house is friable and barren. The outside gate is wrecked and the ceiling has collapsed. In the front of the house is a sea. The building has two floors and the ground floor contains a bedroom and a living room. Hundreds of years have been passed since Lawrence of Arabia last stayed there. Now the residence needs re-construction. An unexpected visit was made by Prince Sultan Bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage some time back.

According to the historian’s point of view, the authority should take the matter of house as a serious issue. They should re-establish or renovate the house and make it available for all the visitors and tourists. Tourists should be able to see, visit and take pictures of the historic house where Laurence used to live hundred years ago. Not only foreigners but Saudi locals can also visit the ancient house to enjoy the attraction and its history.

The ancient house of Yanbu gains its value from its past and many of the foreign travelers like to visit the home in the memory of the well-known British officer. A historian of Madinah, Adnan Bin Isa Al-Omari, said that the building needs reconstruction and should be sealed as an ancient place and a witness to a significant period in the past of Saudi Arabia. Sameer Al- Anina, Yanbu branch Executive of Tourism and general Heritage Commission, said that the house is one of the interesting places for tourists to visit.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Hana Jamal Alooni: Saudi Arabia’s first female Sports Reporter

There is always a great debate when it comes to the women freedom and rights in the Kingdom. The perception has changed from quite some time and now Saudi women are participating in every walk of life and adopt decent professions. Here is one of the shining stories of the Saudi Arabia’s first female journalist who is reporting on sports. The sports journalism is extremely popular in the Kingdom where the football fever is at its peak. Journalists, columnists, sports anchors, news readers, and radio presenters in the whole Kingdom punctually air and exchange their perspectives regarding the pitch performances of the Saudi Professional League which consists of 14 teams. The focus in all the sports reports is based on famous clubs which includes Al-Nassr, Al-Hilal, Al-Shabab, Al-Ahli and Ittihad clubs.

Hana Jamal Alooni is the first female reporter of Saudi-Arabia who covers sports events in the Kingdom. Hana is working as the content manager at MBC PR. She holds a strong background in her journalism career. She took her career’s first step by working for Al-Madina newspaper at a post of the reporter. She then worked for Okaz daily. Okaz is a Saudi daily newspaper located in Jeddah where she displayed her talent and leadership skills effectively and because of this, she got a position at the manager level.  Al-Riyadh which is a Saudi, the particularly Riyadh-based daily newspaper conducted a meeting with Hana Jamal Alooni in which serious questioning was done with her to ask her about her career in future and dreams.

Hana started with her biography that she was born in July, the year 1981. She started admiring sports because of her late father who had keen interest and passion about all types of sports. She studied biology as the main subject in university but since she loved sports she became an active blogger of sports. Because of her sports blogging, a friend of her father encouraged her to apply for a job as a reporter in a newspaper and so now she is in sports reporting.  Hana quoted that for a young struggling woman, the road was irregular, in fact very tough to walk on in a male dominant society.

She worked hard to get a position of sports content manager at the MBC PRO channel. She made extra effort to prove her leadership skills and abilities. She stated that she was very much passionate about her work and for this purpose, her husband delayed their honeymoon trip. According to her, her husband was very supportive since the beginning. She never imagined success without his support.

Sometimes her children were neglected because of her work but she always tried to manage her family with work by giving them quality time. She says she is thankful for the support and cooperation of her family. Being a young woman, the road to success is not easy and one should work hard to achieve their goals. No matter how long and difficult the path is but one should overcome the fears and work hard constantly.  We have Best wishes for Hana Jamal Alooni .

Source: Saudi Gazette

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6 Reasons, Terrorists prefer Rest Houses to hide themselves

Now a day’s terrorism is a worldwide issue in overall society. Many countries are facing this issue, whether directly or indirectly. Most countries are against terrorism, while others ignore or even support it. Terrorism refers to the brutal acts which are planned to create aggression (terror). They usually target civilians who are innocent. People who commit this act are known as terrorists. According to the security source, in Dammam, terrorists hide in rest houses. They rent the place as it is easy for them. There are a lot of reasons behind renting rest houses as hideouts which include location and facilities. Basically, the real meaning of rest house is a place where visitors, who do not have friends, family or relatives in the area, could stay. It looks like an ordinary residence. Following are the reasons due to which terrorist prefer to stay in rest houses.

According to a report, this is the reality because the security forces found out terrorists hiding in rest house situated in Al-Hazarat District in Jeddah. A rest house was rented by two terrorists for hiding purpose. It was further added that the security forces also found out and attacked terrorists hiding in Riyadh and Qasim in a similar way. The religion of Islam supports freedom, peace, and love and dislikes terrorism. Islam focuses on love and sympathy and importance of showing love and sympathy to every creature of Allah. The best solution to terrorism is true love and sympathy.

  1. Security sources said that terrorists need privacy. They prefer houses far away from the commercial and residential area. The terrorists generally choose a living place with no close neighbors.
  2. The rest houses are thought to be a place for entertainment and people like to spend quality time there far away from the rush and activities of the city. Therefore, nobody suspects the place.
  3. Enter and exit from the rest house is easy throughout the day without raising doubts. It is more reasonable to rent a rest house instead of a cottage or a residence in any housing area.
  4. The rest houses are easy to rent than an apartment or bungalow.  The rest houses are furnished with simple furniture which terrorist can use especially they have no beds. They don’t need any lavish furniture.
  5. There is a facility of parking in rest houses and they are built in such a way that the guest can drive or park his car with no trouble.
  6. According to the source, terrorists also consider these rest houses because they are free from security. There is no interference from outsiders in their daily routine. They also say that no one can imagine that these rest houses can be a source of destruction or death.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Names of Muslim Girls along with their meanings (A-Z)

At the time of birth of our children, almost all of us face the difficulty of choosing a unique, beautiful and a meaningful Muslim name. I have personally experienced it at the time when I had to name my daughter. I know there are many common Muslim names for Boys and Girls but the problem is that these are common names and normally wives or someone in your family don’t want to use these common names. So, your requirement is a unique name with a good Islamic meaning. Some people want to name their child starting with a special alphabet for example, “A”. Keeping this in mind, I have finally decided to provide a list of names of Muslim Boys starting from each alphabet along with its meanings.

Names of Muslim Girls along with their meanings A-Z

You are about to die soon, should we tell patient the truth?

It is a very heavy work and a difficult task for doctors to inform their patients about all official details regarding their chronic disease which is incurable and untreatable. Al-Riyadh, an Arabic newspaper, conducted a survey with several physicians working in Saudi-Arabia to know their opinion regarding disclosing about the news of fatal conditions to their patients. Dr. Muhammad Al-Juhani, who is working currently as an emergency medicine consultant at King Khalid University Hospital, said that most doctors give preference to be straight forward and blunt with their patients suffering from incurable diseases.  

According to Dr. Muhammad Al-Juhani, the one who is actually responsible for making decisions regarding the treatment approach is basically the patient. The main reason that the best decision is made by the patient itself is that the patient is the one who is going to suffer pain and stress during the treatment. The patient is the one to tell the doctors in advance that if their functioning of the heart stops, then keep them on life support system or not. Doctors should tell the condition in detail to the patients when all treatment and medication options are painful and terrifying.  The biggest issue comes from the families of the affected persons who request the doctors to not reveal the truth and hide the tragic condition. Many doctors agree to such requests.

During the treatment, the most difficult task for doctors is to face patients without telling them the truth.   If the patient finds out that he is suffering from cancer, the immediate step to be taken by the doctor is to suggest a psychologist who will help him in overcoming shock, stress, depression and anxiety after knowing. Most cancer patients who go through severe chemotherapy sessions need psychological care because they suffer from depression which makes them discouraged, hopeless or generally disinterested in life.

Counseling and concerned psychologists will have a positive impact on patient’s health.  The Assistant professor of health sciences at King Saud University, Dr. Waleed Al-Malik, quoted those incurable conditions that affected Saudis mostly chronically includes liver failure, cancer, heart and lung diseases. Being a doctor, it is difficult to explain a life-threatening condition to the patient. Sometimes the patients refuse to accept the reality and travel overseas to receive better treatment. Dr. Mahdi Al-Taher, a psychiatric consultant, stated that cancer patients need medications for depression. We should support them in participating in social events to keep them busy and give hope.

If a cancer patient succumbs and goes under depression, he will not be able to fight against the deadly disease and will die morally if not physically.  Being a medical practitioner, we must believe that there is nothing wrong in revealing the truth to the concerned patient. This way the patient would be well prepared for every step. The Head of geriatrics department at King Abdulaziz Medical City, Dr. Hashim Balbaid, told that patients in advanced stage of cancer usually need extra care. So the job of a specialist is to have hopeful conversations with the patients and keep them engaged in a positive approach. It helps to keep their morale high.               

Source: Saudi Gazette

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