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Saturday, 26 October 2019

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Last Words of the Saudi Sniper, Naif Farhan al-Harbi who died on the battlefield

The Military tension between Houthi and Saudi Arabia started in 2015 and from then onwards controversial dispute between Saudi Arabia and Houthi is continued which has not reached any conclusion yet. This military dispute began basically with an initiative step of the bombing but with passing time, this conflict took more heat. After the bombing, actions like the placement of ground forces and blockade of naval borders took place. The Saudi-Houthi conflict made great devastation and destruction. Thousands of innocent lives are lost, soldiers martyred but still, there is no end to this conflict.

There are a lot of different stories caught in the minds of people during this Conflict. Here is one of the most heart touching patriotic and dedicating stories of a Saudi sniper who was martyred during fighting with Houthis group. The Houthis is a basically terrorism based political movement which is called officially as Ansar Allah. Houthi insurgency emerged from the northern side area of Houthi city Sa'dah in the early 1990s. Houthis are backed by Iran in Yemen. Naif Farhan Al-Harbi was a Saudi and blessed with a great talent. He was a skilled sniper who was killed during the fight against the Houthis. Naif Farhan al-Harbi volunteered himself on the frontier lines of southern direction where he was later martyred. Saudi sniper, Naif Farhan al-Harbi was a father of two loving daughters.

Since 2009, Naif was a part of the military police forces and got trained as a sniper. After he became an excellent sniper, he volunteered himself and joined the Saudi armed forces in Fourth Brigade. In October, Naif Farhan al-Harbi got serious injuries during a rescue mission. But he did not give up and stood again after a serious brief recovery. He took a decision for the sake of his homeland and decided to go back to the frontlines.

The sniper filed a request for more extension in his duty and asked to be posted in the same military site which is one of the most uncertain and vulnerable locations on the border of Saudi-Houthi. Brother of Al-Harbi, Ghazi, shared the situation regarding his brother’s death that as soon as Naif Farhan al-Harbi arrived at Abha International Airport to head towards Riyadh, instead of going for vacation, Naif cancelled his vacation and took charge to go back on duty in a military mission which was going to take place the very next day.  

Al-Harbi explained all his apologies to his family in a detailed manner who were excited and impatiently waiting for his arrival. When Al-Harbi came back to the duty on the front lines, his car was targeted and destroyed by a missile which killed him and another soldier. Two other soldiers were injured. He was so patriotic that he just canceled his holiday plan and at the eleventh hour got back to the war zone. He was killed by a missile. Naif Farhan al-Harbi gave his great will with full confidence to his friend by quoting that he should publish the martyrdom news of this dedicated Saudi sniper as a mark of pride and respect for his two loving daughters. May Allah bless his soul in peace (Ameen)

Source: Al Arabiya

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Abir Al-Anzi: A Saudi Nurse donates her Liver to save a little Young Girl

The World is still a blessing because of the great and generous people who are always in search to help, to lend their hands and are always waiting to support a needy person. Their minds believe in sharing and caring. These helping hands and caring minds are of those generous people who live for others and who know the true meaning of life. Similarly, there is a great example of the sacrifice made by a Saudi nurse named Abir Al-Anzi.  Bashyer-Al-Rashidi, a little young girl is a cirrhosis patient who was suffering from one of the fatal diseases. Cirrhosis is a complicated disease of the liver which attacks liver deadly. 

Per the current statistics of National Health Institutes, cirrhosis is considered as the 12th most deadly and terrifying diseases in the world. Cirrhosis is a slow ongoing disease in which tissues of the healthy liver is replaced with a scar tissue and functioning of the liver is not proper. There are many causes for Cirrhosis but Cirrhosis mostly is caused by viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Cirrhosis can be suggested and diagnosed by medical examination of a patient which includes the examination of a patient physically, blood samples and also be confirmed by biopsy of the liver.  Nurse Abir Al-Anzi denoted the most important part of a precious human organ and the largest gland of the body to the little young girl.

Abir Al Anzi who is just in her 20's holds no relation with this little young girl but she set a great example for all the humans and made the most precious relation with the little girl by donating a part of her liver. Abir Al-Anzi got a news of needy young little girl through a social site, twitter. She just caught this news of appeal for donation with the name of Bashyer Al-Rashidi, who was admitted in Prince Sultan Medical, located in Riyadh. The patient needed a donor immediately. The nurse tried to contact her family.  After confirmation of the Bashyer Al-Rashidi’s health and carrying out all essential test requirements, Abir Al-Anzi took the decision of donating her liver part. The surgery for Liver transplantation was conducted on 28th of December in 2016 which proved to be successful. Abir Al-Anzi is in stable condition and discharged from the intensive care unit.

There is an honoring ceremony to be held by the health officials for Abir Al-Anzi in the city of jawf. The Saudi minister of health is thankful to her for her great support. He gave her a compliment by quoting her that she set an excellent and finest example for the whole mankind by saving a life of a little young girl.

Although Death is an experience which is universal and we can't stop it or run away but be human, we can make every possible effort to save a life.   It is commonly said that saving a life of one person is equal to saving whole mankind. We have best wishes for both to have a healthy and safe future (Ameen)

Source: Saudi Gazette
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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Rules to get Property Visa in the UAE after Investment

It is a desire of almost everyone living in the Gulf to own some property in Dubai. People want to buy the property and then rent them to tenants to generate a regular source of income. The property in UAE is safe and entitles you to get a UAE visa. The rules about property-related visas in the UAE have changed many times over the past 10 years, but the current policies are mentioned as follows. There are two options. Either a multi-entry six-month-valid visa will be issued or a residency visa with 2 years of validity will be given. It depends on the circumstances.

6 month Property Visa: The six-month property visa is mainly a visit visa, but it permits you to have multiple entries in UAE whenever you like. The sponsor himself or the dependents are thus not allowed to work. To upgrade this visa, the applicant and the dependents need to exit UAE. Normal medical tests will be administered. The application fee for this visa is AED 1,100 and similar is its renewal cost. If anyone would like to support his family against this UAE property visa, the cost will be AED 250 per sponsor and AED 250 per renewal cost.

2 Years Residency Visa: The two-year residency property visa will make you a resident of UAE; therefore, the laws and policies for residents will apply for you and your family. There are strict policies for this Visa. The normal medical examination will be administered to make sure you are suitable for the resident visa, emirates ID, and other benefits. You should own the property and there should be no mortgage over it. There should be a copy of the document mentioning that there is no mortgage over the property with the fee for two-year visa which is AED 1,100. There is an extra administration office fee of AED 400. An extra AED 2,000 is to be paid to Dubai Economic Development (DED) yearly for investor trade license. Maid staff cannot be sponsored through this visa, only family members are allowed.

Investment Threshold: The main thing to be kept in mind is the worth of your property that you own in Dubai which needs to be more than or up to AED 1 million. The worth stated on the title deed of the property will be taken into consideration and not the present value of the property. For example, if you purchase a property for AED 900,000 and currently the property is priced at AED 1 million, this does not make you eligible for Dubai Property visa at all. If you have two properties worth AED 500,000 each, it will still not make you suitable for UAE property visa. In the case of mutually owned property, the share of the applicant needs to be equal or above AED 1 million. 

Visa Processing: To apply for UAE Property visa, you need to visit Dubai Land Department with the papers like Property Deed, Sales and Buy Agreement Copy (SPA), Property Owner’s Passport Copy, Present Visa Copy, 2 x Passport Size Pictures. The papers should be forwarded to the Dubai Land Department for processing of visa. Go through all points and make sure that you are not missing anything. Once you are positive that your property investment in Dubai is making you eligible for Dubai property visa, gather the above-stated documents and reach to Dubai Land Department.

Source: The National

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How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia?

I think at least 95% of the drivers have become the victim of traffic violation fines in Saudi Arabia. You will hardly find anyone who has not paid the traffic violation fine. Recently, the Saudi Government has increased the traffic violation fines to stop people from violating the traffic signs. The fine of crossing red light has increased to SR 3,000 from SR 500. It is important to mention here that whenever a Saher camera flashes, it does not always convert into traffic violation. People want to know How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation in Saudi Arabia. There are 3 ways of detecting a traffic violation and the duration it takes to get an SMS depends upon it.

Traffic Violation detected manually in Saudi Arabia: If you are not wearing seatbelt, crossed a red signal without Saher cameras, parked your car inappropriately or committed any other traffic violation and the traffic police officer has observed you, he will issue a ticket to you in the paper form. He might place it on your windscreen under the wiper if you are not available near to your vehicle. In this type of violation detection, it takes around 30 days to get an SMS for the traffic violation. However, you get intimated by the ticket itself placed on your windscreen or handed over to you.

Traffic Violation detected by Saher Cameras: There are thousands of Saher Cameras placed all over the Kingdom. Some of them are portable and others are fixed. Most of them are capable of detecting if you have crossed the red signal and overspending. It is important to mention here that you can always take right turn from the traffic signal even if it has Saher cameras following a proper procedure mention in the link “How to Take Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in KSA?”. People want to know, how long How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation through Saher Cameras. You are notified about the traffic violation through SMS the next working day. Let’s say if a violation is detected on the Wednesday night, you will be notified by Thursday morning. If it took place at Thursday night, you will be notified by Sunday morning. Recommended: Saher System of Traffic Regulations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Traffic Violation detected by Smart Traffic Devices: The Saudi Traffic department has provided smart traffic devices to most of their officers through which they can take pictures of the violator, select the type of traffic violation they have committed and register it in their online system on real time. How long it takes to get violation SMS after the Traffic Violation detected by the Smart Traffic Devices in Saudi Arabia? It takes not more than 30 minutes to receive the violation SMS. If you have parked your car wrongly and a traffic police officer detects it with his SMART device, you will probably be notified about the violation before reaching back home.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

7 Unknown facts about Rawdah Rasool S.A.W in Masjid al Nabawi

The Rawdah-e-Rasool (the grave of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W) is currently in Masjid al Nabawi in Madina. Its dome is constructed in 1817 C.E. It was painted green during the control of Ottoman Sultan Mahmud in 1837 C.E. The Rawdah-e-Rasool S.A.W holds a significant importance for Muslims. People from all around the world come to pay his “Salam” to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. We believe that he listens to our Salam and respond back to us from his grave. Today, we are going to write about some facts which most of the Muslims don’t know about the Rawdah-e-Rasool S.A.W.

  1. There is a golden grill which is the front side of the inner chamber room which holds the grave of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and two of his friends and first Caliphs, Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab. It is said that a 4th place is left where Jesus (Hazrat Isa) will be buried.
  2. The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) was buried in Hazrat Ayesha’s (may Allah be pleased with her) house where he was staying at the time of his death. Our Prophet’s wives lived in small, simple houses next to the Masjid. The huts of Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) and Hafsa (may Allah be pleased with her) were located inside the Sacred Chamber and were much close to each other. They used to talk with each other from their own huts.
  3. There are viewing holes through which the graves are not visible. The biggest hole on the left straightly faces the grave of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). The middle hole faces to Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) and the right hole faces to the Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him).
  4. The walls of the room are built of black stones and the roof has a small black dome called Qubbat an-Nur. The Chamber has no gate and it is totally sealed from the outside except a small window in the dome which is blocked by a golden grill in the front. The walls were built by Umar bin Abdul Aziz in 91 AH so that no one may come inside the Chamber. Recommended: What is the reality behind the inside pictures of Roda Rasool S.A.W?
  5. The Sultan Nur ud din Zengi built the chamber around the graves which was filled with molten lead because many disbelievers in the past tried to steal the body of Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) by digging towards the graves from under the ground. Recommended: First Attempt to Steal the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W from Madina
  6. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) became weaker and died at the age of 63, on the afternoon of Monday, 12 Rabi -ul-Awwal, 11 AH (633 CE). In 11 A.H. Muharram, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) got ill and had a temperature which was rising day by day. He was staying with Hazrat Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her). The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) gave importance to prayers and advised to be good with the slaves and servants. Lastly, He said: “I am leaving two things with you. If you hold them strongly, you will never go off track; the Quran and my Sunnah.” All this conversation took place where we have Roda Rasool S.A.W today.
  7. The grave of the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) was dug under the bed where he died because when He died, the people around said to put Him near the stage. Some of them said to put Him in Baqi. But Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) came and said that he heard the Prophet of Allah saying that a Prophet was never buried elsewhere than the place where he expired.

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Expats arrested for arranging an immoral, mixed party in Riyadh

In Islam, the unnecessary interaction between male and female is strictly banned. This means that in all part of life and in all areas whether private or public, contact between male and female is normally prohibited. There are many proofs and Hadith which clarify that contact between male and female should be avoided. Hazrat Aisha (R.A) said that when she used to play with her friends and whenever the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) came in, they would leave and whenever He (Peace Be upon Him) went out they would come back in. This Hadith was narrated in Abu Dawud, p.284, Hadith No. 4931.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding mixing of males and females. Also, there is a total ban on alcohol. It is illegal to make, sell or use it. In Riyadh, the police have detained four expatriates who arranged a mixed party in a compound in the south of the capital Riyadh. The police came into action as soon as they received information about the party during which alcohol was served. On Sunday, Saudi newspaper stated that the police arrested a Lebanese man who was basically the organizer of the party. His three partners included a Syrian, a Palestinian and a Jordanian, who helped him in organizing and promoting the party and selling the entry passes were also arrested.

They were sent to the public examination for more inquiries. Saudi Arabia has severe punishments for mixed parties of male and female. Men who are found guilty in such cases like illegal parties are have sentenced to jail and lashes by the court.  In October 2014, there was a similar case; a party was arranged in which college girls took part.  The person who was responsible was beaten at the college where the girls were present. The party was arranged at a rented activity area in western Saudi Arabia.

The police took just after they received information about co-party being arranged in the area. 15 girls, all university students, and five men were arrested for their involvement. The five men were punished to 99 lashes and sent to jail for eight months, but there was no punishment for girls. Some of the social media users agreed to the court’s judgment, but some of them said that the girls should also face the same penalty or legal action.

When the last part of Surah-al-Baqara was revealed, the Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) went out (of his house to the Mosque) and said that the business of alcohol has become unlawful. This was narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith (3.429). Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country where there is a strict understanding of Quran. It is also a home to many Muslims because of Makkah which is the most important Holy place in Islam. There are severe punishments for those who are caught involved in alcohol business be it making or selling it in the Kingdom.

Source: Gulf News

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Procedure to Verify a PayPal Account in Saudi Arabia

Pay Pal is a very accepted online payment system. It permits to connect credit and debit cards so that when someone is shopping online, there is no need to re-submit the information all the time. You can also connect your bank account to send and receive money easily. Making a Pay Pal account is free of charge, and confirmation takes a few minutes only. Creation of an account can be done from Pay Pal web page or via its app. Pay Pal app can be installed easily from device’s app store.  You can sign up for account creation process by clicking “Sign up for free”. Then you can enter your e-mail address and set a strong password so that nobody else can have access to your financial information. Enter your personal information which is required. Next, you'll be encouraged to enter your credit or debit card. This is not obligatory, and you should read all the terms watchfully before applying.

To prove your identity, you must provide additional information to verify Pay Pal account. This provides possible clients more assurance in your legality and meets the requirements of Pay Pal's Seller Protection. Verifying your account also removes account limits and allows you to transfer money to your Pay Pal account and other linked accounts. Verification of account can only be done with a bank account. Following are the steps which help in verifying your Pay Pal account:

  1. Register your Pay Pal account: For the verification of Pay Pal account, you need to enter a valid bank account. Even if your Pay Pal says to enter a credit/debit card and your outline is incomplete without one, do not enter a credit/debit card. For verification of Pay Pal account without a bank account, the only way is to ask for the Pay Pal Extra MasterCard.
  2. Select the Wallet option which is present at the top of your Account page.
  3. Select the bank by ticking the "Link a bank" option: Select your bank from the recorded institutions or if your bank is not recorded then select the option “I have a different bank.”
  4. Provide your online username information: If your institution is listed then chose from the option, then it will ask you to provide your online username and password. You will now be able to enter your online banking username and password to directly connect your account. This is all you have to do to confirm your account.  If your bank is not listed, continue reading.
  5. Link your account manually: If your bank is not listed in the given options then you can link your account by entering information manually by selecting the account type from savings or checking account. Enter the related information and find the account number and routing number. The routing number is written on the bottom-left side of the front of the cheque. The account number is written to the right of the routing number. Mention each digit, be it any zeros. After finishing, select the “agree and link” option. You need to provide bank account from a genuine, physical bank as eTrade or NetSpend are no longer acceptable.
  6. Verification deposits in your account: After entering your bank information, you have to wait for confirmation deposits which will be made by Pay Pal into your account. These deposits would make up to around $1. It will take 3 to 4 days to show deposits in your account.
  7. Fill the verification form: You can make note of the value of the deposits then enter the value in the confirmation form. If you had stopped using the site, you can enter the amounts by signing in and selecting the button again.
  8. Final call: After completing all the requirements, you have to attend a phone call. Pay Pal will call on the number you mentioned when you made the account. You have to answer a few questions to verify yourself` and place. After this process, your account will be verified.
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